Are you in search of healing? EFT, Hypnosis, Reiki and Tarot readings available here.

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I offer the following services: Emotional Freedom Technique##Hypnosis##Reiki##Unique Tarot Card Readings ATTENTION: Phoning me? Leave a message. No message, no return call. Seeking a hypnosis session? Click this "Services" link. I am taking on clients for online hypnosis sessions. MUST be 18 years of age and NOT prone to epilepsy. To schedule a FREE consultation, please follow this link to my intake form. I only schedule one session per night so first come, first serve. (These are just consultations. There is "paperwork" after the fact.) Once I get your form, we can set up our online audio/video consultation. One last thing, if you have never tried hypnosis and are NOT prone to epilepsy along with being 18 years of age, please try out my audio file at the URL below. My Pass It On Version 2 audio file. I do request a donation for this but, given COVID-19, I am fairly loose about that. (If you wish to pay more after the fact, just email me.) In order to donate, please use my PayPal account which is gvlt55@gmail.com One last thing; If you ever just need to vent, visit 7Cups.com Please look up "scothypnotist". (Or any other listener on the site.) Namaste' Scot